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Stone Soup - A Community Project:

Three Faces of Integration

Scotland County was home to several African American schools, an African American boarding school, a Native American school and segregated white schools.  In 1969 the schools came together to form one integrated school ssyterm.  Guided by a local tri-racial advisory team, storytellers Kim Weitkamp, Lloyd Arneach and Tyris Jones have studied, researched and interviewed local people who have provided first hand accounts about education pre-integration and during the early years.  These fascinating stories of the children, teachers, administrators and community members, that were the backbone of local education, have been compiled and made into performance art - providing a stage for broad and diverse interest in a medium that no otehr art form or historical document could.  Each performance will tell the unique story of Scotland County's inegration through the eyes of a child, teen and an adult living during the integration experience.  





Visit the sites of this historical time in Scotland County.  Call or visit SACS or download tour information here.  Tour Line is 910-375-7490.


Laurinburg Institute - African American School

Peddler's Creek School - African American School

I.Ellis Johnson - African American School

Rocky Ford School

Scotland High School


Oak Grove School - Native American School


Interested in hearing the interviews associated with these stories?  Please contact the Storytelling & Arts Center at 910-277-3599 for information!

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