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  • Serve on a committee to plan and implement one of the many events and programs that the Arts Council of Scotland County offers

  • Volunteer to help with the Arts Council of Scotland County- it takes lots of hands to host that event

  • Are you an organizer?  Volunteer time to help out at the Arts Council of Scotland County with mailings, event set-up or clean-up, etc.

  • Do you know lots of people?  Help out with publicity, sponsorship of events, and other tasks that need folks with good communication skills

  • Are you an artist?  Volunteer your talents to teach a class, exhibit your artwork, or participate in some of the art focused events.

  • Do you have experience writing grants?  Volunteer to serve on a committee working to find and secure exciting grants to support the mission of the Arts Council of Scotland County.

There are so many different ways to get involved!

If interested in volunteering,

Send us an email:​

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